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Research? Con qué se come eso?!

Caracas Chronicles

Next up in Education Week, we hear from María Isabel Puerta, a Professor at Universidad de Carabobo in Valencia.

When I share my struggles at the Universidad de Carabobo (UC), I always get the same look as if: «do you really think you’re the only one?» Everybody has a rough start, reaching Tenure most of the time takes years, spent largely waiting for the eluisive Competitive Contests – concursos de oposición -needed to secure tenure. There’s simply not enough money to call concursos in the terms the Law requires; and so, as I patiently waited for one, I made my way through Graduate School – which is expensive if you only live of your insignificant adjunct prof salary.

I decided to stay here rather than going abroad for my Master’s Degree so I wouldn’t miss the Competitive Contest. And after I got Tenure, I didn’t have the time to apply…

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