The failure of Hugo Chavez

In 1998, Hugo Chavez appeared as a modern version of Robin Hood, an avenger poised to punish the ruling class for their disconnect and corruption. After his failed coup attemp in 1992, Chavez tried unsuccessfully to boycott democracy. It became inevitable for him to realize -thanks to his advisers really- that there was no clear parh to pwer from the outside of the system. His candidacy was underestimated from the beginning, but once the traditional political actors lost their instict to advert the danger he represented, Chavez became unstoppable, he had no adversary. It looked like a disaster, and it has become a huge one at an enormous human cost. Chavez used all public resources to buy support for his political project, inside and abroad, turning out to be an inmense fraud. Chavez promised to fight for the outcasted, but his revolution ended with an 80% of overall poverty. Chavez destroyed the economy in his quest for a revolution, a farce to cover  his thirst for power.  In these dark hours, Nicolas Maduro, his heir, is fighting for power, that’s all what’s left from the revolution Hugo Chavez intended to build as his legacy.

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